Flora of the Nilgiris

Family : Caprifoliaceae

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Viburnum punctatum Buch.–Ham.ex D.Don

Leaf arrangement

Opposite decussate

Leaf Type


Leaf Shape

Obovate, Elliptic

Leaf Apex

Shortly acuminate

Leaf Base


Leaf Margin


Habit : A small evergreen tree.

Habitat and Distribution : Common in sholas and moist forests, Above 1200m. South east Asia, Peninsular India.

Field Tips : Bark thin brown, chequered. Leaves shiny, nerves flattened above, raised below; covered below with small round rust coloured scales or glands as also the young parts. Margin recurved.


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Tamil : Konakaran


In terminal congested corymbs, white. Flowering from August-October.

Fruit :

A drupe, oblong, red. Seed 1, compressed, ventrally concave. Fruits persistent.