Flora of the Nilgiris

Family : Anacardiaceae
Flora of Nilgiri Biosphere (Northern Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve)

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Semecarpus anacardicium L.f.

Leaf arrangement

Alternate distichous

Leaf Type


Leaf Shape

Oblong, Obovate

Leaf Apex


Leaf Base


Leaf Margin


Habit : A moderate sized tree.

Habitat and Distribution : Occasional to common on slopes upto (500) 750-100m. India, Maliysia to Australia.

Indigenous Information : The fruit is placed in hot embers and infants are exposed for a brief spell to the smoke produced. This helps to build their immunity.

Other relevent information : Marking ink made from latex of pericarp of drupe. Fruits sun dried and eaten in India.

Field Tips : Bark brown. Acrid latex drying black. Leaves thick rusty villous below.


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English : Marking Nut Tree
Irula : Ghair
Tamil : Cheran kottai, Shenkottai, Thembarai
Hindi : Bhilawa
Malayalam : Thenkotta


In terminal panicles, greenish. Flowering from May-July.

Fruit :

A drupe, globose, ovoid, reniform, seated on a fleshy receptacle. Seed 1, nut. Fruiting in may.

All from Anacardiaceae
Flora of Nilgiri Biosphere (Northern Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve)