Flora of the Nilgiris

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The northern part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve has a wide variation of flora ranging from the scrub to evergreen species. The second in a five part series, this field guide covers the dominant plant of this zone. Keystone initiated this work in 2002, with collecting seeds of forest species – both for raising nurseries and gathering information on the flora of the region. This was done with the adivasis from each region, which enabled us to learn several ecological aspects of a plant, besides identifying it. The presence of botanists in the team has served to complement this field information. Unlike the first volume of the Eastern Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, which has paintings of plants by adivasis artists – This volume relies on photographs only. We hope that this volume will give an insight into the forest of the northern region, made intresting by colourful plates and information with a difference.

The team in Keystone which has worked on this volume comprises of Shiny M. Rehel and Anita Varghese for content and photographs. Others who have contributed for secondary literature and survey and internal reviews are T.A. Priya, Murugesh, Mathew John and L.Rasingam. Contributions to indigenous information were made by R. Rajendran, Veeraiah, Mani, Laxmi, Masiniamma, Madhan, Karian, Kalan, Siddan, Gowriamma, Deviamma, Rengaswamy from the villages of Annaikatty, Vazhaitottam, Siriyur, Chockanalli & Kurumbarpallam.

We would like to thank our reviewer, Madhu Ramnath – who has painstakingly gone through the drafts giving comments and editing both the content and the text. His constant engagement with our team on issues of plants is encouraging and appreciated. We would also extend our thanks to Nina Paul For editing.

We gratefully acknowledge the financial support from Ford foundation for the publication.

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