Flora of the Nilgiris

Plants from Flora of Nilgiri Biosphere (Northern Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve)

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Ficus virens Aiton

English Name : Spotted White Fig
Irula Name : Sellai
Tamil Name : Ichchi, Malai ichchi
Hindi Name : Pakri
Malayalam Name : Cherla
Kannada Name : Basari
Habit : A large deciduous tree without aerial roots, frequently epiphytic.

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Ficus religiosa L.

English Name : Sacred Fig
Irula Name : Arasa
Tamil Name : Arasa maram
Hindi Name : Pipal
Malayalam Name : Arayaal
Kannada Name : Arali
Habit : A large tree, often starting as an epiphyte.

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Ficus racemosa L.

English Name : Country Fig, Cluster Fig
Irula Name : Athi
Tamil Name : Atti, Vellai atthi, Nalla atthi
Hindi Name : Goolar
Malayalam Name : Atthi, Atthi al
Kannada Name : Atti
Habit : A large deciduous tree with few and short aerial roots.

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Ficus mollis Vahl

Irula Name : Sunkathi
Tamil Name : Kattu arasu, Ichchi, Kal ichchi

Malayalam Name : Kallaal

Habit : A small or medium sized tree.

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Ficus microcarpa L.f.

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Something here

English Name : Indian Laurel Fig
Irula Name : Ichi
Tamil Name : Kal ichi, Kal atthi

Malayalam Name : Ittiyal

Habit : A densely foliaceous and copiously branched tree.

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Ficus benghalensis L.

English Name : Banyan Tree, East Indian Fig Tree
Irula Name : Alamaram
Tamil Name : Ala
Hindi Name : Bor, Bar
Malayalam Name : Ala
Kannada Name : Alada
Habit : A large tree with horizontal branches and aerial roots.

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