Flora of the Nilgiris

Family : Acanthaceae
Flora of Nilgiri Biosphere (Northern Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve)

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Barleria prionitis L.

Leaf arrangement


Leaf Type


Leaf Shape

Obovate, Ovate

Leaf Apex


Leaf Base


Leaf Margin


Habit : An armed shrub.

Habitat and Distribution : Common in the plains from the coast to 900m. Tropical Africa, tropical Asia, Sri Lanka through India Malacca.

Indigenous Information : Bees especially Apis Florea forage on the flower. Leaves are medicinal.

Other relevent information : Caterpillars of the Pansy group of butterflies feed on the plant. Root used in traditional medicine.


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English : Yellow Hedge Barleria
Irula : Karu nega poo, Meem mul chedi
Tamil : Shemmuli, Kattu Kangaambaram
Hindi : Jinti, Katsareya
Malayalam : Shemmuli


Solitary or in cymose clusters, golden yellow to orange. Flowering peaks from November-January.

Fruit :

A capsule, ovoid. Seeds 2, sub orbicular, adpressed hairy. Fruiting throughout the year.

All from Acanthaceae
Flora of Nilgiri Biosphere (Northern Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve)